COVID update

COVID UPDATE: July 2020 If you suffered with pain in your foot and ankle, now is the time to return for an evaluation. We are open and ready for your feet! Our staff is taking all the necessary precautions including frequent deep cleaning, temperature checks and carefully monitoring social distance and the number of people […]

Hello world!

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Were did those racks come from?

Our foot racks were custom made for our clinic. You will not find the same racks anywhere. We wanted something that would add to the community as well as make the corner of Liberty and Mission distinct. We hope that when you pass this corner you will remember the best foot and ankle care in […]

New Construction

We are moving! We are moving just a few blocks north to the corner of liberty and mission. We found a well on site and we are going to use the bricks from the well to place on the exterior. The new building will have a bigger parking lot and will still be a one […]

First wall is up!

After years of planning the first wall is finally up. The foundation was laid with no damage to the beautiful Maple tree on Liberty. We had a certified Arborist on site while construction was present around the tree.  Pictures are on the way.

Friends in Need

Guatemala Trip

Dr. Scott was privileged enough to join a team from Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston to serve with Faith in Practice to help those in Guatemala. He was able to serve many people who often traveled far to receive specialized care. ” I had a patient that had to travel over a day just to […]

Diabetes, watch your feet!

  As October left us, it gave a last hurrah with Halloween and kicked off the beginning of holiday sweets. November brings a plethora of pies cookies and baked holiday goods as we roll from Thanksgiving to Christmas parties. Between family and work events, the temporary holiday’s treats and traditions become permanent dietary habits. You are what […]

Knee Scooters

Coastline Foot and Ankle Center now has Knee Scooters! Modern Medicine makes our life better. Although incomparable to other life saving advances, knee scooters have changed post-operative recovery for millions. Knee scooters help you get around after surgery when you cannot put weight on your feet. Crutches can be awkward and painful, wheelchairs are difficult […]