Welcome To Coastline Foot + Ankle Center

We are very grateful for Salem and the warm welcome we have received after purchasing Salem Foot and Ankle Clinic from Dr. Peffley.  We love our patients, our referring doctors and the community. My little family and I never thought that moving to Salem, Oregon would be such a wonderful blessing in our life, and yet here we are with the most amazing patients and staff. Thank you!

After purchasing Salem Foot and Ankle Clinic, we buckled down to make it our own. Our goals were to be the best podiatrist in Salem and a better business owner.

The last and final step in that process has been the biggest one, a name and logo change.

We want a practice that fits our personality and reflects the spirit of our family. If you know me, you know I was born to be by the ocean. I grew up in Southern California surfing before school on any given day. Some days, I could be seen at school in my wetsuit! We even named our child with a name meaning, “ruler of the sea”. The ocean and the coast speak to our personality. We wanted to reflect that in our new name and logo.

We are Coastline Foot + Ankle Center. The name, the logo, the colors, and the atmosphere of the office were changed to mirror our personality and attitude. You will find a relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff and doctors, genuine compassion, and good listeners. We are the same great, expert doctors, the same great friendly staff, and the same beautiful location.

With that, we want to officially welcome you to Coastline Foot + Ankle Center. We will do much more than simply give you great care; here you’ll get the information you crave. We’ll help you understand your foot issue and what you can do about it. Your confidence will be restored. We believe in helping you be in control. We want you to know that yes, there is something you can do about your foot issues. You don’t have to feel anxious or helpless. We help you take control of your body. We want you to come in concerned and leave relaxed and empowered with ease and without pain. Our feet are quite literally our connection to the world, and we want you to continue to find your story in every step.